Welcome to the Pearson Coaching Practice

You’ve arrived at The Pearson Practice providing coaching to help you take charge and improve your professional and/or private life.  I coach Corporate and Private clients and facilitate Personal and Team Effectiveness workshops.

  • Corporate Clients 

  • Private Clients

    • Successful transition to a new job (First 90 days)
    • Career Change
    • Improved Health and Well-Being
    • Midlife Mastery
  • Personal and Team Effectiveness

    • I develop and facilitate tailor made corporate programmes. (Including building engagement,  performance improvement, stress management and developing well-being)

If you or your team members are looking for greater success at work, to develop a more rewarding career or move towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle then I’d like to work with you to achieve this.

I take time to fully understand  individual needs and create unique plans for my clients to create powerful behavioural change.  I also draw on my extensive leadership development and coaching experience to help clients make changes that will last.  Whatever your goal, I’m here to help you. Wherever you are, I can work with you, face to face, by phone or Skype.

Are you ready to commit to a brighter future? Let’s talk and explore how I can help you close the gap between your current situation and your vision of your future.

Please contact me today. I’d love to hear from you.

Carol Pearson