Are you sitting in the cosy corner?

Most people enjoy a cosy corner, at least for a short while.  You know,  that place where you are comfortable, doing the same things and maybe surrounded by agreeable people who like being there with you.

It’s OK to enjoy being there occasionally, but feeling too comfortable for too long may be an indication that you’re no longer stretching and challenging yourself and therefore not developing.

Do you want to grow and evolve?

Is it time for you to step out of your comfort zone and experience new things.  An effective coach will know how and when to challenge you in a supportive and encouraging way to get out from your cozy corner and into a space of growth.

Ian Day and John Blakey refer to the ‘cozy corner’ in their book “Challenging Coaching: going beyond traditional coaching to face the FACTS”. They write about the ‘loving boot’ which a coach may use when applying a balance of challenge and support to help a client optimize performance and move towards their goal.

If you or your team members have been in the comfort zone for too long, it’s probably time to be proactive, get some help, encouragement and support to develop, explore and achieve more.