• Thinking about career change?

    The summer is drawing to a close and you’re back at work. How are you feeling? Energised, engaged and motivated to be back at work? Or struggling to re-engage and already thinking there’s more to life. Hopefully you’re feeling happy in your career choice and achieving your goals, in which case congratulations are deserved. Taking stock Continue reading »

  • Life not working out as you hoped?

    Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Uncertain about your future? Will you choose to stay as you are? Or get help to create a better life? I’m an experienced and qualified coach and my passion is helping people make positive changes, achieve goals and live more rewarding lives?  I’ll provide an appropriate level of support Continue reading »

  • Executive Coaching. Why is it needed?

    Why do Senior Leaders need Executive Coaches? Do you wonder why many senior executives hire coaches to help them? If you do have questions, I recommend that you listen to Evan Davies on Radio 4’s The Bottom Line show. He talks with an Executive Coach (J. Bowman-Perks) and two very senior executives who each have Continue reading »

  • Fear of Public Speaking?

    Does the thought of speaking to a large audience evoke fear, start your heart pounding and make your palms sweat? Most leadership positions require some level of public speaking, either participating in meetings, giving presentations or speaking at conferences.  Leaders who are otherwise confident and knowledgeable can be affected, limiting career progression. The fear of public Continue reading »

  • Are you sitting in the cosy corner?

    Most people enjoy a cosy corner, at least for a short while.  You know,  that place where you are comfortable, doing the same things and maybe surrounded by agreeable people who like being there with you. It’s OK to enjoy being there occasionally, but feeling too comfortable for too long may be an indication that Continue reading »

  • Is your team hitting its potential? Really….?

    Nobody delivers at 100% all of the time.  But what if your team members could hit their peak a lot more often?  It’s my job to help team members find and remove the things getting in the way and leave you with a team that delivers at a higher level. I’m an executive coach.  Improving Continue reading »

  • Achieve your goals in 2016

    Do you have goals to achieve in 2016? As 2016 arrives it’s time to look ahead and clarify what you really want to accomplish this year. It may be a short-term or a long-term plan. Do you want to change career, get a promotion, buy a home or find a partner? Perhaps you want to learn Continue reading »

  • Looking for work-life balance?

    I talk with many clients who are trying to find work-life balance, which often seems elusive. Work-life balance is not a destination, life is dynamic and constantly changing and what balance is for you today may change tomorrow. However, moving towards balance is a realistic goal if that’s what you want to do. What is work-life Continue reading »

  • The transformative effect of sleep

    Feeling wide awake and refreshed or groggy and grumpy? Remember the days when you fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow and you woke up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep?   Is that still the case or do you wake up after a disrupted night feeling groggy and grumpy? As we Continue reading »

  • Feeling the end of summer blues?

    The end of summer is quickly approaching in Europe. Holidays are over and suntans are fading. Children are going back to school, the older ones to university. Gardens need preparing for the colder months. Days are getting shorter, the clocks will go be going back soon. At work you may be figuring out how to Continue reading »