Executive Coaching. Why is it needed?

Why do Senior Leaders need Executive Coaches?

Do you wonder why many senior executives hire coaches to help them?

If you do have questions, I recommend that you listen to Evan Davies on Radio 4’s The Bottom Line show. He talks with an Executive Coach (J. Bowman-Perks) and two very senior executives who each have a coach. (Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT Group and ¬†Melanie Richards, Vice Chairman and Partner of KPMG UK), and explores how coaches can provide confidential, independent support for senior leaders.

The show was on last week (17th & 19th March) but you can catch it on BBC iPlayer Radio for another couple of weeks. (Not sure about overseas access).  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0739rfv

Hope you find it interesting and please call me if you want to find out more about coaching.