Have you mastered midlife?

Are you in Midlife?  Feel like your career has plateaued or is no longer rewarding?

If you answered yes, then you’re not alone. Often leaders in midlife start to feel less engaged with their career or their job roles.

Has your focus changed?

A feature of midlife is a changing focus from ourselves and our own development to a desire to share our knowledge and wisdom with others. Psychologist Erik Erikson used the term “generativity” to capture the need for all of us to leave something behind for future generations.

This midlife change of focus can for some, create feelings of discomfort and restlessness, a period of inner reflection and personal growth. This may result in a lack of drive and motivation for the current job role. These feelings can be resisted for a time, but rarely fully dissipate. If not addressed they can cause challenges for both the individual and the employer.

Coaching can help you master midlife.

Coaching in midlife gives leaders time and space to explore where they are in their professional and private lives.  Coaching helps examine and clarify values, strengths and life goals and figure out how they fit in with a current career and employer’s needs. Often it results in change of some sort to be able to fully embrace, re-engage and thrive in the next stage of life.

Those who understand that everyone will leave their employment at some point and choose to proactively explore, plan for and begin their next life-stage will make the change smoother.  Organisations that help leaders understand the reality of their future will benefit from a higher percentage of fully engaged staff. The alternative may be increasing numbers of leaders struggling to remain engaged and productive.

In my Midlife Mastery Programme I coach men and women to embrace midlife, re-evaluate careers, plan their second act and flourish. I work with individuals and groups, privately and with companies.