“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone”  Roy T. Bennett

What are you looking for? More success, more confidence, better balance, a career or life change, motivation and support? Having experienced many changes and challenging situations in my own professional and personal life, I’m very interested in coaching other professionals through their own journey of change.  Change can be very straightforward, almost transactional or it can be a deep inner transformation and a time of reflection exploring your values, beliefs, goals and dreams. Whatever change you’re experiencing, coaching can support you through it.

New Job?

Is this you?  You’ve just been promoted, transferred to a new job or moved to a new company. Transitioning to a new position is not easy. There’s so much to do in addition to learn your role, including building new relationships, assimilating into the culture, and understanding how to work with your new boss and team.

I can help you. Coaching helps you take advantage of this short window to establish credibility, get up to speed quickly, form connections and create a foundation for long term success. Ideally coaching will start before you commence your new role.

New Career?
Change in Life

Is this you?  You’re ready to take stock of life and explore your options for the future? We used to call this feeling the mid-life crisis, but life is not so straightforward these days and the yearning for a more purposeful and balanced life can occur at any time. You may be feeling frustrated, restless and trapped by responsibilities, expectations and commitments yet have a strong inner knowing that there’s more to life and that it’s time to reinvent yourself.

I can help you.  Coaching will give you a breathing space to think, reflect and identify a future based on your strengths, core values and interests.  When you can be real, genuine and personal at work you can relax into your role, be more successful and achieve greater career satisfaction. If you’re thinking about reinventing yourself, coaching can help you plan and navigate a path to a more fulfilling and meaningful future.

Looking for more energy, vitality and improved health and well-being?

Is this you?  You’re feeling burned out, stressed, unfit, unhealthy.  Maybe you’re neglecting your close relationships or feeling despondent and drained of energy?

I can help you.  I’ll work with you to identify how you want to make positive changes to your life and then help you find motivation and confidence to implement the changes. You only get one life and so it’s really important that you make the most of it and live a meaningful, happy life.

Please contact me to arrange a complimentary coaching session to explore working together.