The summer holiday season is almost over and it’s time to focus on work, complete projects and deliver year end targets.  It’s not unusual at this time of year to be questioning what job you could do that’s more rewarding, exciting and in line with your interests and dreams. For most people with financial commitments and families to support, following dreams can’t be done spontaneously, it needs thought and careful planning and time to achieve. If you’re going to stay in your job a while longer, why not learn to love to love it more.

Here are six tips to help you love your job more.


Work out what your strengths are (try StrengthsFinder 2:0) and utilise them more in your daily work.  Gallup research suggests that you’ll feel more engaged and motivated when using your strengths at work.


Consider the contribution that you and/or your company is making to colleagues, customers, investors, environment, etc. Focus on all the positive things and connect with that mission or sense of purpose.


Think about your job positively. “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?”  This is an example of how the same event can be looked at in a positive or negative light. Reframing a situation won’t change the situation, but give’s perspective. Develop a positive mind-set and gratitude about your job and what you’re learning from it.


Step out of your comfort zone, widen your circle, network more, get to know more people. Try to spend more time with people you find positive, energising, you can learn from or who make a difference. How can you contribute more and help others? Could you find a mentor or become a mentor?


Most organisations support training, either on the job, cross training or attending seminars and courses. How can you take advantage of this opportunity and learn some new skills which will make you feel a sense of accomplishment and development?  What other opportunities exist in the organisation? Could you transfer to another job, take on a new project, temporary assignment etc.?


Focus on your improving your overall health and wellbeing to boost your performance in and outside of work, build your energy and resilience to feel better about your current situation.

Whether you’re already in your dream job, or are still trying to find it, practicing these tips will build your positivity, energy, resilience, optimism and help you feel better.  Maybe you’ll start to love your job more, or just get clearer on what your dream job could be.

If you’d like some professional help to explore and  improve any aspect of your life, please contact me to arrange a complimentary coaching session. (We can do it face to face, via Zoom or  Skype) Take time to invest in yourself and your future.