My tips to help negotiate difficult times.

Just a few minutes exposure to the news will remind you that all around the world we’re experiencing significant change and uncertainty: politically, environmentally, socially, etc.  Here are my tips to help negotiate difficult times:

  1. Connect with others who are facing the same uncertainty. It’s good to know you’re not alone and can constructively and appropriately support each other to navigate through difficult territory.
  2. Focus on what you can do to make a positive impact rather than what you can’t do. Even taking a small action step will make you feel more positive than doing nothing.
  3. Remain agile. Keep learning, developing and be open minded about the matters concerning you. Consider the upside of the situation and the opportunities it might present.
  4. Take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing. It is essential to build your energy, vitality and develop resilience (your ability to bounce forward after a set-back).
  5. Decide how you want to be informed about the matter in hand. Remain informed, but cut off constant streams of speculative, repetitive and unreliable information.
  6. You need to plan for and anticipate all possible outcomes and develop contingency plans. However, don’t get distracted by catastrophising about the negatives. Focus more on the positives and maintain a balanced and realistic perspective.
  7. As you negotiate unpredictable paths, keep aligned with your purpose and values. They are your compass and will keep you authentic, on track, provide direction and feelings of alignment.

The ability to manage ambiguity is an essential skill in most businesses today. Try the tips above to cultivate your ability to negotiate difficult times.