Team Coaching

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success”.  (Henry Ford)

Why team coaching?Zoom Team Coaching

The goal of team coaching is improved team dynamics and performance which in turn leads to an improvement in business results.

  • NEW TEAM: Coaching can help you clarify your team purpose, agree and practice ways of working together to maximise team effectiveness
  • ESTABLISHED TEAM: Coaching can help you move your team to a higher level of performance which is sustainable.

What problems could team coaching solve?

Team coaching is designed to solve the problems that result from poor team dynamics which may include failing to deliver value for key stakeholders.

By improving team dynamics, teams communicate, collaborate and make decisions more effectively, learn to resolve disagreements,  become more supportive, resilient. As a result team performance improves and in turn business performance improves.

What is the process for Team Coaching?

Team coaching is not a quick fix, rather a change process that happens over time. Coaching will provide a framework and support which empowers the team to discover, learn together, develop and integrate new behaviours which will improve team effectiveness.

We will co-design the process with the team.  The process often involves a series of team workshops, team coaching in meetings and 1:1 coaching sessions. Typically, it could take between  3and 6 months.


On team coaching assignments I partner with Iain MacDonald.

Iain is an Executive Coach, Team Coach and Business Consultant.  His broad experience spans leadership and consultancy roles for fast-growing online and multichannel retail brands like Crew Clothing, Sunspel, Boden, The White Company, and Donald Russell. (Find out more about Iain at )

Focusing on sound commercial thinking, clear strategy, rigorous analytics and data-driven marketing, Iain has guided many brands and business owners to substantial sales and profit improvements.


Why should your team consider working with The Pearson Practice?

  • We understand teams.
  • We have been members of leadership teams and have experienced good and not so good team dynamics.
  • We have led senior teams and successfully tackled team dynamic issues.
  • We are trained and accredited coaches and have coached team leaders.
  • We are trained team coaches with the Global Team Coaching Institute.