Extracts from client feedback

“Looking for my next career move, Carol helped me develop techniques to improve the way I presented myself at interviews and in the workplace, and also to deal with challenging situations at work. I saw an immediate benefit from the work we did together, as I was soon offered a fantastic new job!” Chief Medical Officer, Biotech, UK

“From our first meeting Carol really made me think about what it is that is important to me, helping me focus on the things that really mattered and how I could focus on them. I really enjoyed working with Carol and felt that she was truly supportive. Her gentle and confidential approach allowed me to open up. We evaluated my values, enabling me to make constructive and informed decisions about my future and to find a balance” Director of Operations, Luxury Interior Design Company, UK 

“Carol is warm, kind and extremely insightful. She has equipped me with different methods to balance my work and personal life, and takes an interest in the ‘whole person’, discussing the highs and lows of life beyond the office and how this impacts my work. I have really enjoyed my time working with Carol and feel supported and encouraged, ready to take the next step in my career”. Public Affairs Officer, Third sector organisation 

“Carol is a real support for anybody going through a transition. Carol’s approach helped me through a very challenging period at work. She goes deep into the core of situations and has helped me come up with action plans on how best to deal with different scenarios and dynamics within the work place. She has a great sensibility and capacity to make sense of ones thoughts, and by asking the right questions she provokes deeper thinking about how to handle situations and how to achieve your professional and personal goals. She has been able to get me on a path to achieve greater fulfilment and satisfaction in my life.  Aside all the above, the sessions were real enjoyable and I always came away feeling confident, positive and re-energised.”  CEO, Luxury Fashion Brand 

I first started seeing carol when I felt a lot of uncertainty and doubt about my career and life.  Carol showed me how to realise what was important in life, remaining true to my values and helped me to manage my stress and anxiety, as well as appreciating the small things in life.  I feel so much more positivity and clearer on where I want to be in life, both professionally and personally, and I know I can achieve it”. Graduate Trainee, Luxury Brand

“Carol helped me prepare for an interview for a significant promotion to Board level, including sorting out why I wanted the role, giving me new clarity. She gave me some very useful and tangible tips that made me feel more grounded and enabled me to have strong physical presence in the interviews.  Her style is very supportive and encouraging and the techniques she used helped me better understand the team dynamics.  In addition to finding all the sessions very beneficial and rewarding I also enjoyed them.  The process is still on going, if my application is successful I would like Carol to help prepare me for my new work load and added responsibilities”.  Senior Executive, Fortune 500 Company 

“Carol coached me when I was transitioning to a job with much larger scope.  Our coaching conversations covered a range of subjects including stakeholder management, being more strategic and team leadership.  Her coaching approach and questions always helped me to think deeper, creating awareness and producing a well thought out plan for getting established successfully in my new role”. Learning and Development Executive, International Company 

“Carol’s coaching has been enormously beneficial. Carol helped me to evaluate my personal and professional values, enabling me to make constructive and informed decisions about my future. She supported me through my own thought process and encourage me to be confident in my decisions.  I have valued the safe and confidential space for discussion which Carol has provided, and hope to continue to work with her in the future to facilitate further personal and professional development”. Head of Buying and Merchandising, International Luxury Brand

“Carol coached me through my transition from full time employment to setting up my own business.  Working with Carol helped me to clarify my vision, kept me focused on producing my business plan and then helped me build confidence in my ability to develop and run a successful business. Carol always created a supportive and encouraging coaching environment but also challenged me to make me think out of the box.  My business is up and running and developing according to plan”. Media Executive, leaving large company to set up own business

I recently found myself at something of a career crossroads.   Carol was one of the first people I contacted and over a few months I benefited from her coaching and support to manage what was a major upheaval, and to navigate my career transition and development.    Carol created a safe and confidential environment to discuss the situation I was in.  She was always objective, supportive and encouraging and helped me reach a good solution and way forward “. Creative Director, Advertising 

I recently had a series of coaching conversations with Carol focused on my return to work and finding balance between my senior level career and my expanded family.   She created an environment in which I could talk openly about my concerns and challenges.  The coaching helped me clarify my values, what’s important to me and helped me find an arrangement that would work for all parties.  Coaching has really helped me to envisage how my return to work both personally and professionally could be.  It helped me clarify my goals and articulate them clearly to those around me leading to a relatively seamless return”. Senior HR Executive, Global Organisation