• Fear of Public Speaking?

    Does the thought of speaking to a large audience evoke fear, start your heart pounding and make your palms sweat? Most leadership positions require some level of public speaking, either participating in meetings, giving presentations or speaking at conferences.  Leaders who are otherwise confident and knowledgeable can be affected, limiting career progression. The fear of public Continue reading »

  • Hypnotherapy – a healing tool or a load of bunkum?

    Hypnotherapy, does it work? Hypnotherapy – a healing tool or a load of bunkum?  Sometimes when I speak with people about hypnotherapy, they react in a sceptical way and I can see they think it’s a load of nonsense. I try to explain the amazing things it can do, without being too evangelistic. I really believe in Continue reading »

  • It’s Your Thoughts That Count

    For many years I’ve been fascinated by the powerful connection between our mind and body and how our thoughts, feelings and beliefs can affect our lives. I’ve practiced and experienced the benefits of having a positive and optimistic outlook with amazing results. Yes, it’s your thoughts that count. In recent times scientists have become more Continue reading »